Wednesday, October 20, 2010

London Was...

London was not what I expected. I adamantly dislike the rain, and London has a lot of it. I expected to walk around resembling a wet dog for the majority of my stay, and I was shocked when instead of disliking the place (minus the hideous rain, of course) I absolutely, positively loved it.

We stayed a little outside of the main city, but the hostel was great and the price was right. After mistakenly buying a bus pass instead of a bus and metro pass (I'm really a genius), I of course realized the necessity of a metro pass and took the metro almost everywhere. And everywhere we did go.

I went to the National Portrait Gallery and discovered that I like to draw portraits. I was especially excited by the portrait of Isaac Newton (I'm a dork, I know). I went to the British Museum where I found that if given the time, I could stay there for days and days. I saw the Rosetta stone. I saw shriveled mummies and the tomb and supposed mummy of Cleopatra. My favorite item was probably the small glass prism in the room on the Enlightenment, which, though probably generally passed by, was super exciting for me because it was used to explain Newton's theory of refracting light. I had read all about it in a paper, written in proper old English where the s's resembled p's, by Newton himself, explaining about light refraction and basically describing (inventing!) calculus.

I went and saw the outside of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, along with the Houses of Parliament. At the Tower of London, after being convinced to walk, in the rain, across the London Bridge, I drooled as I stared at the Crown Jewels and a 500 carat diamond.

Perhaps best of all, I got to see my brother, and while together, we took what has to be my new favorite picture:

Most importantly of all, I learned when in London...

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